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# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
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msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-09-03 14:31+0900\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
"Last-Translator: Kojima Toshiyasu <kjm@dogwood.skr.jp>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
"Language: Japanese\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
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msgid ""
"<strong><em>Note that password</em></strong> carefully! It is a <em>random</"
"em> password that was generated just for you."
msgstr "注意して<strong><em>このパスワードを扱ってください</em></strong>。これは<em>ランダムに生成された</em>"
#: install.php:45
msgid "Your chosen password."
msgstr "あなたが入力したパスワード。"
#: install.php:56
msgid "The password you chose during the install."
msgstr "インストールのときにあなたが入力したパスワード。"
#: pdodb.class.php:96
#, php-format
msgid "WordPress database error %1$s for query %2$s made by %3$s"
msgstr "データベース・エラーです。メッセージ: %1$s, クエリ: %2$s, 呼び出し: %3$s"
#: pdodb.class.php:98
#, php-format
msgid "WordPress database error %1$s for query %2$s"
msgstr "データベース・エラーです。メッセージ: %1$s, クエリ: %2$s"
#: pdodb.class.php:136
#, php-format
msgid ""
"<h1>Error establlishing a database connection</h1><p>We have been unable to "
"connect to the specified database. <br />The error message received was %s"
msgstr ""
"<h1>データベース接続エラー</h1><p>データベースに接続できません。<br />エラーメッセージは、%s"
#: pdoengine.class.php:82 pdoengine.class.php:98
msgid "Database connection error!<br />"
msgstr "データベース接続エラー!<br />"
#: pdoengine.class.php:83 pdoengine.class.php:99
#, php-format
msgid "Error message is: %s"
msgstr "エラーメッセージ: %s"
#: pdoengine.class.php:156
#, php-format
msgid ""
"<h1>Unknown query type</h1><p>Sorry, we cannot determine the type of query "
"that is requested.</p><p>The query is %s</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>クエリ: %s</p>"
#: pdoengine.class.php:315
#, php-format
msgid "Problem preparing the PDO SQL Statement. Error was: %s"
msgstr "PDO SQLステートメントを準備中に問題がありました。エラー: %s"
#: pdoengine.class.php:372
#, php-format
msgid "Error while executing query! Error message was: %s"
msgstr "クエリを実行中にエラーが発生しました。エラーメッセージ: %s"
#: pdoengine.class.php:426
msgid "The query is too big to parse properly"
msgstr "クエリが長すぎてちゃんと解析できません"
#: pdoengine.class.php:635
#, php-format
msgid "Problem in creating table or index. Error was: %s"
msgstr "テーブルかインデックスを作るときに問題がありました。エラー: %s"
#: pdoengine.class.php:678
#, php-format
msgid "Problem in executing alter query. Error was: %s"
msgstr "ALTERクエリを実行中に問題がありました。エラー: %s"
#: sqlite-integration.php:158 sqlite-integration.php:181
msgid "SQLite Integration"
msgstr ""
#: utilities/documentation.php:16 utilities/documentation.php:18
#: utilities/patch.php:161 utilities/patch.php:163
#: utilities/utility.php:450 utilities/utility.php:452
#: utilities/utility.php:636 utilities/utility.php:638
msgid "You are not allowed to access this page!"
msgstr "このページにアクセスする権限がありません!"
#: utilities/documentation.php:23 utilities/documentation.php:30
#: utilities/patch.php:221 utilities/utility.php:422
#: utilities/utility.php:457 utilities/utility.php:711
msgid "Documentation"
msgstr "ドキュメント"
#: utilities/documentation.php:24 utilities/patch.php:222
#: utilities/utility.php:426 utilities/utility.php:458
#: utilities/utility.php:712
msgid "System Info"
msgstr "システム情報"
#: utilities/documentation.php:25 utilities/patch.php:223
#: utilities/utility.php:430 utilities/utility.php:459
#: utilities/utility.php:713
msgid "Miscellaneous"
msgstr "いろいろ"
#: utilities/documentation.php:26 utilities/patch.php:224
#: utilities/utility.php:434 utilities/utility.php:460
#: utilities/utility.php:714
msgid "Patch Utility"
msgstr "パッチ"
#: utilities/documentation.php:32
msgid ""
"This is a brief documentation about this plugin. For more details, see also the "
"<a href=\"http://dogwood.skr.jp/wordpress/sqlite-integration/\">SQLite Integration page</a>."
msgstr ""
"このプラグインについての短いドキュメントです。詳しくは、<a href=\"http://dogwood.skr.jp/wordpress/"
"sqlite-integration/\">SQLite Integration</a> のページ</a>をご覧ください。"
#: utilities/documentation.php:35
msgid ""
"Please don't forget: WordPress DOES NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORT any database "
"other than MySQL. So if you ask about this plugin in the Forum, it's not "
"unlikely that you won't get no answers at all."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/documentation.php:38
msgid "Features"
msgstr "機能"
#: utilities/documentation.php:40
msgid ""
"This plugin is a successor to <a href=\"http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/"
"pdo-for-wordpress/\">PDO for WordPress</a>, which enabled WordPress to use "
"SQLite for its database. But PDO for WordPress doesn't seem to be maintained "
"any more only to be outdated. SQLite Integration makes use of the basic "
"ideas and framework of PDO for WordPress, adds some new features and updates "
"it to be able to work with the newest version of WordPress(3.8.1)."
msgstr ""
"このプラグインは<a href=\"http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pdo-for-wordpress/\">"
"PDO for WordPress</a>の後継です。PDO for WordPressはWordPressでSQLiteを使えるようにする"
"ものでしたが、もうメンテナンスされていないようで、古くなってしまいました。SQLite Integrationは、その基本的な"
#: utilities/documentation.php:43
msgid ""
"<a href=\"http://www.sqlite.org/\">SQLite Web Page</a> says &mdash; SQLite "
"is a &quot;software library that implements selfcontained, serverless, zero-"
"configuration, transactional SQL database engine&quot;. It is &quot;a good "
"choice for small to medium size websites&quot;. It's small and portable, and "
"you don't need any database server system."
msgstr ""
"<a href=\"http://www.sqlite.org/\">SQLiteのサイト</a>にはこうあります&mdash;SQLite"
#: utilities/documentation.php:46
msgid ""
"Unfortunately enough, WordPress only supports MySQL. Consequently it doesn't "
"provide any APIs for SQLite. So if you want to create a website using "
"WordPress without a database server, you've got to write a kind of wrapper "
"program yourself to use SQLite. This is the way SQLite Integration goes."
msgstr ""
"ラッパ・プログラムを書かなければなりません。これが、SQLite Integrationです。"
#: utilities/documentation.php:49
msgid "SQLite Integration does the work as follows:"
msgstr "SQLite Integrationは次のように動作します:"
#: utilities/documentation.php:52
msgid "Intercepts SQL statement for MySQL from WordPress"
msgstr "WordPressからMySQLに発行されるSQLステートメントをインターセプトします"
#: utilities/documentation.php:53
msgid "Rewrites it as SQLite can execute"
msgstr "SQLiteが実行できる形に書き換えます"
#: utilities/documentation.php:54
msgid "Gives it to SQLite"
msgstr "SQLiteに実行させます"
#: utilities/documentation.php:55
msgid "Gets the results from SQLite"
msgstr "SQLiteから結果を受け取ります"
#: utilities/documentation.php:56
msgid "Format the results as MySQL returns, if necessary"
msgstr "必要があれば、その結果をMySQLが返す形に整形します"
#: utilities/documentation.php:57
msgid "Gives back the results to WordPress"
msgstr "WordPressに結果を返します"
#: utilities/documentation.php:60
msgid ""
"WordPress doesn't know what has happened in the background and will be happy "
"with it."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/documentation.php:63
msgid "Limitations"
msgstr "できないこと"
#: utilities/documentation.php:65
msgid ""
"SQLite Integration uses SQLite, so the limitations of SQLite is, as it is, "
"those of SQLite Integration. MySQL is far from a simple SQL engine and has "
"many extended features and functionalities. WordPress uses some of them. "
"Among those are some SQLite doesn't implement. For those features that "
"WordPress uses, I made them work with SQLite Integration. But for others "
"that some plugins are using, SQLite Integration can't manipulate. So..."
msgstr ""
"SQLite IntegrationはSQLiteを使います。だから、SQLiteの限界がそのまま、SQLite Integrationの"
"SQLite Integrationが動作するようにしました。でも、他のプラグインが使っているようなもので、SQLite Integration"
#: utilities/documentation.php:68
msgid "There are some plugins that you can't use. No way around.<br />"
msgstr "どうしても使えないプラグインがあります。"
#: utilities/documentation.php:69
msgid ""
"Some plugins can't be activated or work properly. See the &quot;Plugin "
"Compatibility/Incompatibility&quot; section."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/documentation.php:70
msgid ""
"There are some plugins that you can't use without rewriting some codes in "
"them.<br />"
msgstr ""
"中のコードを書き換えなければ動作しないプラグインがあります。<br />"
#: utilities/documentation.php:71
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Some plugins do work fine if you rewrite MySQL functions. I made some patch "
"files and <a href=\"%s?page=patch\">Patch Utility</a>. See also the <a href="
"\"http://dogwood.skr.jp/wordpress/sqlite-integration/#plugin-compat\">SQLite Integration"
" Page</a> for more details."
msgstr ""
"MySQLの関数を書き換えると動作するプラグインがあります。いくつかはパッチファイルと、<a href=\"%s?page=patch\">"
"パッチをあてる</a>ページを作りました。<a href=\"http://dogwood.skr.jp/wordpress/sqlite-integration-ja/#plugin-compat\">"
"SQLite Integration のページ</a>もご覧ください。"
#: utilities/documentation.php:74
msgid ""
"And there may be other problems I overlooked. If you find malfunctionality, "
"please let me know at the <a href=\"http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/"
"sqlite-integration\">Support Forum</a>."
msgstr ""
"見逃している問題があるかもしれません。不具合を見つけたら、<a href=\"http://wordpress.org/support/"
#: utilities/documentation.php:76
msgid "User Defined Functions"
msgstr "ユーザ定義関数"
#: utilities/documentation.php:78
msgid ""
"SQLite Integration replaces some functions of MySQL with the user defined "
"functions built in PHP PDO library. But some of the functions are "
"meaningless in SQLite database: e.g. get_lock() or release_lock(). When "
"SQLite Integration meets those functions, it does nothing but prevent the "
msgstr ""
"SQLite IntegrationはMySQLの関数をPDOライブラリの提供するユーザ定義関数のしくみを使って"
"などです。SQLite Integrationは、これらの関数がエラーを出さないようにする以外のことをしていません。"
#: utilities/documentation.php:81
msgid ""
"If you want SQLite Integration to execute more functions, you can add the "
"definition in the file sqlite-integration/functions.php (functions-5-2.php "
"is for PHP 5.2 or lesser)."
msgstr ""
"SQLite Integrationにもっとさくさんの関数を実行させたいときには、sqlite-integration/functions.php"
#: utilities/documentation.php:84
msgid "Database Administration and Maintenance"
msgstr "データベース管理・メンテナンス"
#: utilities/documentation.php:86
msgid ""
"SQLite Integration doesn't contain database maintenace functionality, "
"because there are some other free or proprietary softwares that give you "
"such functionalities. For example, these are among free softwares:"
msgstr ""
"SQLite Integrationはメンテナンスの機能を持っていません。というのは、他に同じ機能を提供することができる、"
#: utilities/documentation.php:89
msgid "my recommendation"
msgstr "お勧めです"
#: utilities/documentation.php:90
msgid "unfortunately seems not to maintained..."
msgstr "残念なことにあまり活発に開発されていないようです..."
#: utilities/documentation.php:93
msgid ""
"I'm not sure if future release may have some of the database maintenance "
msgstr ""
#: utilities/documentation.php:99
msgid "Plugin Compatibility/Incompatibility"
msgstr "プラグインの互換性/非互換性"
#: utilities/documentation.php:101
msgid ""
"WordPress without its plugins is a king without people. Of course, you need "
"plugins, I know."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/documentation.php:104
#, php-format
msgid ""
"This is the list of the problematic plugins (far from "
"complete). You can see informations about your installed plugins in the <a "
"href=\"%s?page=sys-info\">System Info</a> page. To see more details, please "
"visit the <a href=\"http://dogwood.skr.jp/wordpress/sqlite-integration"
"\">Plugin Page</a>."
msgstr ""
"<a href=\"%s?page=sys-info\">システム情報</a>のページをご覧ください。より詳細な情報は、"
"<a href=\"http://dogwood.skr.jp/wordpress/sqlite-integration\">プラグインのページ</a>"
#: utilities/documentation.php:110
msgid "Plugins Name"
msgstr "プラグイン名"
#: utilities/documentation.php:111
msgid "Compatibility"
msgstr "互換性"
#: utilities/documentation.php:112
msgid "Reasons"
msgstr "理由"
#: utilities/documentation.php:126 utilities/utility.php:239
#: utilities/utility.php:241
msgid "Needs Patch"
msgstr "パッチが必要"
#: utilities/documentation.php:128 utilities/utility.php:245
msgid "Probably No"
msgstr "たぶん不可"
#: utilities/documentation.php:130 utilities/utility.php:251
msgid "No"
msgstr "不可"
#: utilities/patch.php:55
msgid "Patch command is not found"
msgstr "パッチコマンドがありません"
#: utilities/patch.php:58
msgid "Patch command is not executable"
msgstr "パッチコマンドが実行可能ではありません"
#: utilities/patch.php:75
msgid "Patch file name is invalid"
msgstr "パッチファイルが不正です"
#: utilities/patch.php:79
msgid "Patch file version does not match with that of your plugin."
msgstr "パッチファイルのバージョンがプラグインのものと一致しません。"
#: utilities/patch.php:88
msgid "Error! Plugin directory is not accessible."
msgstr "エラーです。プラグインのディレクトリにアクセスできません。"
#: utilities/patch.php:91
msgid "is patched successfully."
msgstr "パッチを適用しました。"
#: utilities/patch.php:96
#, php-format
msgid "Error! Messages: %s"
msgstr "エラー! メッセージ: %s"
#: utilities/patch.php:120
#, php-format
msgid "File %s is deleted."
msgstr "ファイル%sは削除されました。"
#: utilities/patch.php:122
#, php-format
msgid "Error! File %s is not deleted."
msgstr "エラー! ファイル%sは削除されていません。"
#: utilities/patch.php:126
msgid "Error!: patches directory is not accessible."
msgstr "エラー! パッチ・ディレクトリにアクセスできません。"
msgid "Unable to create a patch directory."
msgstr "パッチ・ディレクトリを作成できませんでした。"
msgid "Unable to create a .htaccess file."
msgstr ".htaccess ファイルを作成できませんでした。"
msgid "Invalid operation."
msgstr "不正な操作です。"
msgid "File is too large to upload."
msgstr "ファイルサイズが制限を越えています。"
msgid "File upload is not complete."
msgstr "ファイルアップロードは完了しませんでした。"
msgid "File is not uploaded."
msgstr "ファイルはアップロードされませんでした。"
msgid "Temporary directory is not writable."
msgstr "テンポラリ・ディレクトリに書込みできません。"
msgid "File cannot be written on the disk."
msgstr "ファイルをディスクに書き込めません。"
msgid "Unknown error."
msgstr "不明なエラーです。"
#: utilities/patch.php:142
msgid "File is successfully uploaded."
msgstr "ファイルをアップロードしました"
#: utilities/patch.php:146
msgid "File upload failed. Possible file upload attack."
msgstr "アップロードに失敗しました。不正なファイルです。"
#: utilities/patch.php:150
msgid "File is not selected"
msgstr "ファイルが選択されていません"
#: utilities/patch.php:168 utilities/patch.php:170
#: utilities/patch.php:190 utilities/patch.php:192
#: utilities/patch.php:212 utilities/patch.php:214
msgid "You are not allowed to do this operation!"
msgstr "この操作をする権限がありません!"
#: utilities/patch.php:174 utilities/patch.php:196
msgid "Please select patch file(s)"
msgstr "パッチファイルを選択してください"
#: utilities/patch.php:183
msgid "None of the patches is applied!"
msgstr "パッチは適用されませんでした!"
#: utilities/patch.php:205
msgid "Error! Please remove files manually"
msgstr "エラー! ファイルを手動で削除してください"
#: utilities/patch.php:228
msgid "Patch Files Upload and Apply"
msgstr "パッチファイルのアップロードと適用"
#: utilities/patch.php:229
msgid "What you can do in this page"
msgstr "このページでできること"
#: utilities/patch.php:231
msgid ""
"I made patch files for some plugins that are incompatible with SQLite "
"Integration and need rewriting. And I wrote in the <a href=\"http://dogwood."
"skr.jp/wordpress/sqlite-integration\">Plugin Page</a> about how to apply a "
"patch file to the plugin. But the command line interface sometimes "
"embarrasses some people, especially newbies."
msgstr ""
"SQLite Integrationで使えないプラグインのために、いくつかパッチファイルを作りました。<a href=\"http://dogwood."
#: utilities/patch.php:234
msgid ""
"In this page, you can upload patch files and apply them automatically. But "
"there are some requirements."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:237
msgid ""
"Think before you leap. Is the plugin to which you are going to apply patch "
"really necessary for your site? Did you search in the <a href=\"http://"
"wordpress.org/extend/plugins/\">Plugin Directory</a> for the substitutes?"
msgstr ""
"<a href=\"http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/\">Plugin Directory</a>"
#: utilities/patch.php:238
msgid ""
"Your PHP script has the permission to create a directory and write a file in "
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:239
msgid "Your PHP scripts can execute exec() function on the server."
msgstr "PHPスクリプトがサーバ上で、exec()関数を実行できること。"
#: utilities/patch.php:240
msgid ""
"Your PHP script can execute &quot;patch&quot; shell command.(Script will "
"check if it is executable or not.)"
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:243
msgid ""
"If uploading fails, it' very likely that application will fail. When you try "
"uploading with FTP client, the patch files must be put into the directory wp-"
"content/uploads/patches/. When constant UPLOADS is defined, script follows "
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:246
msgid ""
"You can create your patch file yourself. When you create one, please test it "
"on your local server first and check if it works fine without PHP error or "
"notice ( set error_reporting(E_ALL) ). If you use this utility, name your "
"patch file as follows:"
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:249
msgid "Use the file name beginning with the plugin directory name."
msgstr "プラグインのディレクトリ名で始まる名前にする。"
#: utilities/patch.php:250
msgid "Use the plugin version number after the directory name with underscore."
msgstr "ディレクトリ名の後にアンダースコアとバージョン番号を使う。"
#: utilities/patch.php:251
msgid "Use the suffix .patch."
msgstr ".patchを拡張子にする。"
#: utilities/patch.php:252
msgid "Use diff command options &quot;-Naur&quot;."
msgstr "diffコマンドには&quot;-Naur&quot;オプションを使う。"
#: utilities/patch.php:255
msgid ""
"For example, the patch file for the plugin &quot;Debug Bar&quot; is &quot;"
"debug-bar_0.8.patch&quot;. Script interprets &quot;debug-bar&quot; as the "
"target directory and &quot;0.8&quot; as the target version. If the version "
"number doesn't match with the target, script shows the error message and "
"skip applying the patch file. And script will reject any other file name."
msgstr ""
"たとえば、&quot;Debug Bar&quot;のパッチファイルを作るとすると、&quot;debug-bar_0.8.patch&quot;"
#: utilities/patch.php:258
msgid "How to install, patch and activate plugins"
msgstr "プラグインのインストール、パッチ、有効化のしかた"
#: utilities/patch.php:260
msgid "Install the plugin (not yet activate it)"
msgstr "プラグインをインストールします(まだ有効化しないでください)"
#: utilities/patch.php:261
msgid "Upload the patch file (if any) to the server and ppply it in this page"
msgstr "パッチファイルがあれば、アップロードし、適用します"
#: utilities/patch.php:262
msgid "Back to the installed plugin page and activate it"
msgstr "インストール済みプラグインのページに戻り、有効化します"
#: utilities/patch.php:264
msgid "How to upgrade plugins"
msgstr "プラグインのアップグレードのしかた"
#: utilities/patch.php:266
msgid "When upgrading the plugin, it will be safer to follow next steps."
msgstr "プラグインをアップグレードするときは、安全のために次のステップに従ってください。"
#: utilities/patch.php:269
msgid "Deactivate the plugin"
msgstr "プラグインを無効化します"
#: utilities/patch.php:270
msgid "Upgrade the plugin"
msgstr "プラグインをアップグレードします"
#: utilities/patch.php:271
msgid "Upload the patch file (if any) and apply it"
msgstr "パッチファイルがあればそれをアップロードして適用します"
#: utilities/patch.php:272
msgid "Reactivate the plugin"
msgstr "再び有効化します"
#: utilities/patch.php:274
msgid ""
"If there isn't a patch file to match with the newest version of the plugin, "
"it won't work properly. Please wait for somebody to make one or rewrite the "
"codes checking the patch file for the previous version (it's not so "
"difficult a matter, I guess, for almost all the cases, you'll have only to "
"replace the MySQL functions with the WordPress built-in functions)."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:275
msgid "Upload and Apply"
msgstr "アップロードと適用"
#: utilities/patch.php:279
msgid "File Select"
msgstr "ファイルを選択"
#: utilities/patch.php:286
msgid ""
"Select file from your computer. If the file name is the same as existent "
"file, this operation will override it. You can't upload the file whose "
"size is over 500kB."
msgstr ""
"500kB を越えるサイズのファイルはアップロードできません。"
#: utilities/patch.php:288
msgid "Upload"
msgstr "アップロード"
#: utilities/patch.php:293
msgid "Patch files uploaded"
msgstr "アップロードしたパッチファイル"
#: utilities/patch.php:300
msgid ""
"Select the file(s) you want to apply to the plugin(s) or you want to delete. "
"You can select multiple files."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:304
msgid "Apply/Hold"
msgstr "適用/保留"
#: utilities/patch.php:305
msgid "Patch files to apply"
msgstr "適用するパッチ"
#: utilities/patch.php:321
msgid "Apply patch"
msgstr "パッチを適用"
#: utilities/patch.php:321
msgid ""
"Are you sure to apply patch files?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop,[OK] to "
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:322 utilities/utility.php:765
msgid "Delete file"
msgstr "ファイルを削除"
#: utilities/patch.php:322
msgid ""
"Are you sure to delete patch files?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop,[OK] to "
msgstr ""
#: utilities/patch.php:333
msgid "Caution about your patch file(s)"
msgstr "パッチファイルについての注意"
#: utilities/patch.php:337
msgid ""
"If you don't know where it comes from or who created it, I strongly "
"recommend that you should see and check the contents of the file. If a "
"person who created it secretly inserted a malicious codes, it will be "
"executed by the plugin and may damage your site or your server, for which "
"damage I don't incur any liability. If you don't understand well, you'd "
"better use the substitute plugins. Take your own risk, please."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:248
msgid "Probably Yes"
msgstr "たぶん可"
#: utilities/utility.php:254
msgid "Checked"
msgstr "チェック済"
msgid "Checked*"
msgstr "チェック済*"
msgid ""
"\"Checked*\" with an asterisk is from the users' information. "
"I didn't check myself yet. If you found any malfunctioning, please let me know."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:257 utilities/utility.php:263
msgid "Not Checked"
msgstr "未確認"
#: utilities/utility.php:268
msgid "Sitewide Active"
msgstr "ネットワークで有効"
#: utilities/utility.php:271
msgid "Active"
msgstr "有効"
#: utilities/utility.php:274
msgid "Inactive"
msgstr "無効"
#: utilities/utility.php:368
msgid " was created."
msgstr "が作成されました。"
#: utilities/utility.php:370
msgid " was not created."
msgstr "は作成できませんでした。"
#: utilities/utility.php:391
#, php-format
msgid "File %s was deleted."
msgstr "ファイル%sは削除されました。"
#: utilities/utility.php:393
msgid "Error! File was not deleted."
msgstr "エラー! ファイルは削除されていません。"
#: utilities/utility.php:404
msgid "Welcome to SQLite Integration"
msgstr "SQLite Integrationにようこそ"
#: utilities/utility.php:406
msgid "Thank you for using SQLite Integration plugin!"
msgstr "SQLite Integrationをお使いいただき、ありがとうございます。"
#: utilities/utility.php:409
msgid ""
"You read this message, which means you have succeeded in installing "
"WordPress with this plugin SQLite Integration. Congratulations and enjoy "
"your Blogging!"
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:412
msgid ""
"You don't have to set any special settings. In fact there are no other "
"settings. You can write articles or pages and customize you WordPress in an "
"ordinary way. You want to install your plugins? All right, go ahead. But "
"some of them may be incompatible with this. Please read more information "
"about this plugin and your SQLite database below."
msgstr ""
"WordPressをカスタマイズしたりできます。プラグインをインストールしたいですか? そうしましょう。でも、中には"
#: utilities/utility.php:414
msgid ""
"Deactivation makes this documents and utilities disappear from the "
"dashboard, but it doesn't affect the functionality of the SQLite "
"Integration. when uninstalled, it will remove wp-content/uploads/patches "
"directory (if exists) and wp-content/db.php file altogether."
msgstr ""
"無効化すると、ダッシュボードからこのドキュメントとユーティリティを消すことができます。でも、SQLite Integration"
#: utilities/utility.php:417
msgid "Title"
msgstr "タイトル"
#: utilities/utility.php:418
msgid "Contents"
msgstr "コンテンツ"
#: utilities/utility.php:423
msgid "You can read documentation about this plugin and plugin compatibility."
msgstr "このプラグインについてのドキュメントとプラグインの互換性について読むことができます。"
#: utilities/utility.php:427
msgid "You can see database and system information."
msgstr "データベースとシステムの情報を見ることができます。"
#: utilities/utility.php:431
msgid ""
"You can see the error log and edit db.php file (if necessary) and optimize "
"your database."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:435
msgid "You can upload patch files and apply them to the incompatible plugins."
msgstr "パッチファイルをアップロードし、プラグインに適用できます。"
#: utilities/utility.php:464
msgid "System Information"
msgstr "システム情報"
#: utilities/utility.php:465
msgid "PHP Informations"
msgstr "PHP情報"
#: utilities/utility.php:470 utilities/utility.php:506
msgid "Items"
msgstr "項目"
#: utilities/utility.php:471
msgid "Description"
msgstr "説明"
#: utilities/utility.php:476
msgid "WordPress Version"
msgstr "WordPressバージョン"
#: utilities/utility.php:480
msgid "PHP Version"
msgstr "PHPバージョン"
#: utilities/utility.php:484
msgid "PDO Support"
msgstr "PDOサポート"
#: utilities/utility.php:488
msgid "PDO Drivers"
msgstr "PDOドライバ"
#: utilities/utility.php:492
msgid "PDO Driver for SQLite 3.x"
msgstr "SQLite 3.x用PDOドライバ"
#: utilities/utility.php:496
msgid "SQLite Library Version"
msgstr "SQLiteライブラリのバージョン"
#: utilities/utility.php:502
msgid "Your Database Status"
msgstr "データベースの状態"
#: utilities/utility.php:507
msgid "Status"
msgstr "状態"
#: utilities/utility.php:513
msgid "Database Size"
msgstr "データベース・サイズ"
#: utilities/utility.php:517
msgid "Page Size"
msgstr "ページ・サイズ"
#: utilities/utility.php:521
msgid "Total Number of Pages"
msgstr "合計のページ数"
#: utilities/utility.php:525
msgid "Unused Page"
msgstr "未使用ページ"
#: utilities/utility.php:529
msgid "Integrity Check"
msgstr "整合性チェック"
#: utilities/utility.php:533
msgid "Encoding"
msgstr "エンコーディング"
#: utilities/utility.php:537
msgid "Collations"
msgstr "照合順序"
#: utilities/utility.php:549
msgid "Compile Options"
msgstr "コンパイル・オプション"
#: utilities/utility.php:563
msgid "Database Tables and Indexes"
msgstr "データベースのテーブルとインデックス"
#: utilities/utility.php:565
msgid ""
"Table names in brown are required by WordPress, and those in blue are "
"created by some plugins. The table sqlite_sequence is not a WordPress table "
"but a table required by SQLite to store the current autoincremented value of "
"each table, which is displayed in the parenthesis after the table names. You "
"can't manipulate the tables or indexes here. Please use SQLite utilities (e."
"g. SQLiteManager)."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:570
msgid "Table Name"
msgstr "テーブル名"
#: utilities/utility.php:571
msgid "System/User"
msgstr "システム/ユーザ"
#: utilities/utility.php:572
msgid "Index ( Column )"
msgstr "インデックス(カラム名)"
#: utilities/utility.php:610
msgid "Plugin Info"
msgstr "プラグイン情報"
#: utilities/utility.php:612
msgid "This table shows plugins you have installed and their compatibility."
msgstr "この表は、インストール済みのプラグインについて、互換性を表示します。"
#: utilities/utility.php:617
msgid "Installed Plugins"
msgstr "インストール済み"
#: utilities/utility.php:618
msgid "Active/Inactive"
msgstr "有効/無効"
#: utilities/utility.php:619
msgid "Compatible"
msgstr "互換性"
#: utilities/utility.php:643
msgid "Log cleared"
msgstr "ログをクリアしました"
#: utilities/utility.php:646
msgid "Log not cleared"
msgstr "ログがクリアされませんでした"
#: utilities/utility.php:658
msgid "db.php was saved"
msgstr "db.phpを保存しました"
#: utilities/utility.php:661
msgid "Error! db.php couldn't be saved"
msgstr "エラー。db.phpを保存できませんでした"
#: utilities/utility.php:672
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Optimization finished. Before optimization: %1$s, After optimization: %2$s."
msgstr ""
"最適化が終了しました。最適化前のサイズ: %1$s、最適化後のサイズ: %2$s。"
#: utilities/utility.php:675
msgid "Optimization failed"
msgstr "最適化に失敗しました"
#: utilities/utility.php:683
msgid "Couldn't find your database file."
msgstr "データベースの最適化、エラーログ、初期化ファイル"
#: utilities/utility.php:695
msgid "Please select backup file(s)."
msgstr "バックアップファイルを選択してください。"
#: utilities/utility.php:704
msgid "Error! Please remove file(s) manyally."
msgstr "エラー! 手動でファイルを削除してください。"
msgid "Please select backup file."
msgstr "バックアップファイルを選択してください。"
msgid "Please select one file at a time."
msgstr "複数ファイルは選択できません。"
#: utilities/utility.php:718
msgid "Database Optimization, Error Log, Init File"
msgstr "データベース最適化、エラー・ログ、初期化ファイル"
#: utilities/utility.php:719
msgid "Optimize You Database"
msgstr "データベースを最適化する"
#: utilities/utility.php:721
msgid ""
"This button sends &quot;vacuum&quot; command to your SQLite database. That "
"command reclaims space after data has been deleted."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:729
msgid "Optimize"
msgstr "最適化"
#: utilities/utility.php:729
msgid ""
"Are you sure to optimize your database?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to "
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:732
msgid "Create or Delete backup file(s)"
msgstr "データベースのバックアップを作る・削除する"
#: utilities/utility.php:734
msgid ""
"Click the backup button below if you want to create a current snapshot of "
"your database file. The backup file is named &lsquo;DB_FILE_NAME.yyyymmdd."
"zip&rsquo; if PHP zip extension is loaded or &lsquo;DB_FILE_NAME.yyyymmdd."
"back&rsquo; if not loaded, and is put in the same directory that the database "
"is in."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:737
msgid ""
"If you want to delete the file(s), check the file name and click the Delete "
"button. You can check multiple files."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"If you want to download a file, check the file name and click the Download button."
" Please check one file at a time."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:748
msgid "Delete/Download"
msgstr "削除/ダウンロード"
#: utilities/utility.php:749
msgid "Backup Files"
msgstr "バックアップファイル"
#: utilities/utility.php:764
msgid "Backup"
msgstr "バックアップ"
#: utilities/utility.php:764
msgid ""
"Are you sure to make a backup file?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to "
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:765
msgid ""
"Are you sure to delete backup file(s)?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Are you sure to download backup file?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to continue."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:768
msgid "SQLite Integration Error Log"
msgstr "SQLite Integrationのエラーログ"
#: utilities/utility.php:770
msgid ""
"This is the contents of SQLite Integration error log file(default: wp-"
"content/database/debug.txt). If you want to clear this file, click the Clear "
"Log button."
msgstr ""
"SQLite Integrationが使うエラーログ・ファイルの内容です(デフォルトでは、wp-content/database/debug.txt)。"
#: utilities/utility.php:780
msgid "No error messages are found"
msgstr "エラーメッセージはありません"
#: utilities/utility.php:788
msgid "Clear Log"
msgstr "ログをクリア"
#: utilities/utility.php:788
msgid ""
"Are you sure to clear Log?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to continue."
msgstr ""
#: utilities/utility.php:792
msgid "Edit Initial File (wp-content/db.php)"
msgstr "初期化ファイル(wp-content/db.php)を編集"
#: utilities/utility.php:794
msgid ""
"When you go &quot;Plugins &raquo; Edit Plugin&quot; page, you can edit "
"plugin source file. But you can't see this file there because it is not in "
"the plugin directory. If you need to edit this file, you can edit here. This "
"settings may cause problems. <span class=\"alert\">If you don't understand "
"well, please don't edit this file</span>."
msgstr ""
"&quot;プラグイン &raquo; プラグインを編集&quot;のページでは、プラグインのソースファイルを見ることができます。"
"することができます。この設定は問題を起こすことがあります。<span class=\"alert\">よくわからない場合は"
#: utilities/utility.php:804
msgid "Save"
msgstr "保存"
#: utilities/utility.php:804
msgid ""
"Are you sure to save this file?\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to "
msgstr ""
#: database_maintenance.php:314
msgid "Can't create backup file."
msgstr "バックアップファイルを作れません。"
#: database_maintenance.php:334
msgid "Failed: "
msgstr "失敗: "
#: database_maintenance.php:395
msgid "Maintenance"
msgstr "メンテナンス"
#: database_maintenance.php:399
msgid "Database Maintenace"
msgstr "データベース・メンテナンス"
#: database_maintenance.php:400
msgid "Important Notice"
msgstr "重要なお知らせ"
#: database_maintenance.php:402
msgid ""
"When you installed WordPress 3.5.x with SQLite Integration and upgraded to "
"3.6, your database might not function as expected."
msgstr ""
"WordPress 3.5.x を SQLite Integrationを使ってインストールし、3.6 にアップグレードした場合、"
#: database_maintenance.php:403
msgid ""
"This page provide you the database sanity check utility and the restore "
msgstr ""
#: database_maintenance.php:406
msgid ""
"Click \"Sanity Check\" button first, and see if you need to fix database or "
"not. If needed, click \"Fix Database\" button. Afterward you may go to "
"Miscellaneous page and optimize database (this is not required)."
msgstr ""
#: database_maintenance.php:409
msgid ""
"Fix Database procedure will create a database backup file each time the "
"button clicked. The backup file is named with \"maintenance-backup\", so you "
"can remove it if you don't need it. Please go to Miscellaneous page and "
"check if there is one."
msgstr ""
#: database_maintenance.php:412
msgid ""
"If you installed WordPress 3.6 (not upgraded), you don't have to restore the "
msgstr ""
"アップグレードではなくて、WordPress 3.6 を最初からインストールした場合は、データベースの修復は"
#: database_maintenance.php:421
msgid "Sanity Check"
msgstr "正常チェック"
#: database_maintenance.php:421
msgid ""
"Are you sure to check the database? This will take some time.\\n\\nClick "
"[Cancel] to stop, [OK] to continue."
msgstr ""
#: database_maintenance.php:422
msgid "Fix database"
msgstr "修復"
#: database_maintenance.php:422
msgid ""
"Are you sure to do fix the database? This will take some time.\\n\\nClick "
"[Cancel] to stop, [OK] to continue."
msgstr ""
#: database_maintenance.php:436 database_maintenance.php:446
msgid "Results"
msgstr "結果"
#: database_maintenance.php:447
msgid "Your database restoration is successfully finished!"
msgstr "データベースの修復が成功しました。"
#: database_maintenance.php:463 database_maintenance.php:474
msgid "Checked Results"
msgstr "チェックの結果"
#: database_maintenance.php:468
msgid " needs restoring."
msgstr "修復が必要です。"
#: database_maintenance.php:475
msgid "Your database is OK. You don't have to restore it."
msgstr "あなたのデータベースは正常です。修復の必要はありません。"
msgid "You can check your database and fix it if needed."
msgstr "データベースのチェックと修復をすることができます。"
msgid "Table name is not selected."
msgstr "テーブル名が選択されていません。"
msgid "There's no such table."
msgstr "テーブルが存在しません。"
msgid "Columns Information"
msgstr "カラム情報"
msgid ""
"Select a table name and click \"Display Columns\" button, and you'll see "
"the column property of that table. This information is for debug use."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Display columns in the selected table.\\n\\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to continue."
msgstr ""
msgid "Columns In %s"
msgstr "%sのカラム"
msgid "Columns Info"
msgstr "カラム情報"
msgid "Table Name: "
msgstr "テーブル名"
msgid "Column"
msgstr "カラム"
msgid "Type"
msgstr "タイプ"
msgid "Null"
msgstr "ヌル"
msgid "Default"
msgstr "デフォルト"
msgid ""
"Upgrading Notice: To finish upgrading, please activate SQLite Integration "
"and go Setting >> SQLite Integration >> Miscellaneous, and click the button &quot;update&quot; at"
" the bottom of the page. Or else replace wp-content/db.php with the one in sqlite-integration "
"directory manually."
msgstr ""
"注意: アップグレードを完了するには、SQLite Integration を有効化して、設定 >> SQLite Integration >> いろいろ "
"ページに移り、ページの最下段にある「更新」ボタンをクリックしてください。あるいは、wp-content/db.php を sqlite-integration "
"ディレクトリにある db.php で上書きしてください。"
msgid "Update db.php"
msgstr "db.php のアップデート"
msgid "Replace the old db.php with the new one."
msgstr "古い db.php を新しいファイルと入れ替えます。"
msgid "Update"
msgstr "更新"
msgid "Are you sure to update this file?\n\nClick [Cancel] to stop, [OK] to continue."
msgstr "このファイルを更新してもいいですか。\n\nやめるなら [Cancel] を、続けるなら [OK] をクリックしてください。"
msgid "Your db.php is updated."
msgstr "db.php がアップデートされました。"
msgid "Couldn&quot;t update db.php file. Please replace it manually."
msgstr "db.php ファイルをアップデートできませんでした。手動で置き換えてください。"