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  Eric van der Vlist 97444cb684 Documentation 3 years ago
  Eric van der Vlist 7172afa4a2 Support of Docker host names (for NSD) 3 years ago
  Eric van der Vlist f063831578 Supporting Django 3. 3 years ago
  Eric van der Vlist 676b67e8e1 Changing the order and breaking commands so that the cache can be used when the code is updated (huge Docker build time gain when rebuilding after a code update). 3 years ago
  jeffrey forman a158e984de add missing mysql deps! 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman e78bb637e9 add django-mysql as requirement since using alpine as the base image no longer includes it by default 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman d38aa7fb8f update readme with mentions of NSD 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 77c9ff91e5 bump dnspython 1.11->1.16.0 and add jinja (for nsd config templates) 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman ab9ad3e25c statistics_port -> control_port 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 17da7b33a3 make exceptions a bit more module-path happy. fix some iterator references 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 2247f7262e add main functionality for NSD in models. 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 2ee5bc91a6 initial nsd helper library and methods for getting zones, writing config, etc 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 369030edd0 dont try to load the initial data every time 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 01a2d2382c when retrieving the bindserver object, return the hostname as a string for the object itself 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 3908e12ca4 add initial 0001 binder migration 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman e7e560a403 expect django greater than 2, and use open() instead of file() call 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 48b1054810 travisCI to python3.6 and add makemigrations call in dockerfile 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 77b49c11b6 bump travis to python-3 and django2 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman fe09f1f57a Merge branch 'nsd' 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 1e0afb7d9b old migrations be gone 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman f9176387ac update to django-2, python3, and based on an alpine container 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman dac54a5ad7 bump pybindxml to 0.7 to handle bind 9.12 4 years ago
  jeffrey forman 7c781981eb bump to pybindxml 0.6.3 5 years ago
  jeffrey forman a27fa5c3a9 bump pybindxml to 0.6.2 to handle bind xml 3.8 5 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 1af8f1e31b encrypt TSIG keys using Fernet cryptography library 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman fba94af629 update initial_data.json to be django 1.11 compliant 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 415f20b71e NODB environment variable is not used anymore 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman ef70379a2a add setupmethod to create key and bindserver objects. add key_name required expected failure 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 90e38d2aef enable the edit_record link, URL, and view 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman ddae5be662 Move edit/add/cname key_name and ttl form items to just use choice item instead of trying to define each element 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 235f0fe174 Simplify ttl and key_name form fields. keys are now required. 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 07b0df4b7d correct documentation to correctly specify docker run environment variables 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 49feb07d67 fix documentation to remove incorrect usage of NODB=1 and friends 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 4c7ed9beb6 fix logic on using remote mysql db. make sqlite the fall back, logic clears up if not all variables are set 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 5aef0ad5c9 dont use sqlite database by default 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman f2c36ea863 use sqlite DB by default in dockerfile 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 6704469b9d add support for specifying DB parameters via environment variables. sqlite or mysql. 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 6ecae8b772 in django 1.8, django.core.context_processors moved into django.template.context_processors. 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman ff8088defa add request context_processor and printing serving hostname to footer 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 5e1b23ee67 move app container dir into /code, reference pybindxml from git repo 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 89fb79517e add initial systemd service file for binder. 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 4df47c24fa comment out a few tests while i rethink form entry 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 0252c3df62 make Binder docker-friendly again. built on python image with django 1.10 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 7fdcfab8a0 add support to add CNAME in zone, loosen restrictions on record data input 6 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 54c3bc18cc Merge pull request #47 from Dunedan/django-1.9 7 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 1331d02e1d Merge pull request #45 from goetzk/documentation-update 7 years ago
  Daniel Roschka 74cc4efca4 Adds support for Django 1.9 while dropping support for unsupported versions. 7 years ago
  Karl Goetz 49b7559e86 Attempted to clarify install documentation 7 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 8b34e7e4ae Merge branch 'Dunedan-refactored-views' 7 years ago
  Jeffrey Forman 2bb8f5d9cb resurrect the ability to add a PTR record on its own, not as part of a pair of forward records 7 years ago