• Geospatial queries

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  • Use all the possibilities of the GPX format

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    The GPX format allows much more than what is currently used by most of (if not all) the geographic applications.

    A GPX file can include waypoints, routes and tracks and could be used for instance as a container for a hike with:

    • waypoints for POIs
    • one or more routes (a main one and some variants for instance and/or several legs)
    • one or more tracks (several runs by the same or different hikers, several legs, ...)

    To take advantage of these features, our components and the database indexes should follow the same structure.


  • Debugging tools

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    There is a need for debugging tools:

    • working disconnected from the chrome devtools (on the field)
    • complementing these tools (for instance to work with PouchDB)