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  Eric van der Vlist 990297f6ac Markdown 2 years ago
  kjmtsh 1f2e8fc987 bugfix release 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 54d9e1b02a tagged 1.8 and released 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 8235d4c4d8 fixed the typo 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 25cb914d6e changed for Mac environment and some others 8 years ago
  kjmtsh b0c959ba4f version 1.7 release 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 5e95bc00c4 Added memory usage check code and changed for the usage of user defined pcre.backtrack_limit value 8 years ago
  kjmtsh d4b86db22e fixed the manipulation for the FIELD() function with column name 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 907be4a3e4 fixed the typo 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 61e6960b40 change the algorithm for manipulating multiple meta query 8 years ago
  kjmtsh e5f495a745 Yet another fix for manipulating multiple meta query 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 9fd9fd7bbd Another fix for manipulating BETWEEN statement 8 years ago
  kjmtsh ccf36c0dd9 fixed the procedure for manipulating multiple between statement 8 years ago
  kjmtsh 8286b0ac20 fixed meta query problem and added Spanish language support. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 7d94787d40 some bug fixes 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 4c4d7022a9 bug fixes and make compatible with WP Slimstat 9 years ago
  kjmtsh f6859effd2 fixed the bug for BETWEEN statement 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 862acb1899 made compatible with WP 3.9 and fixed bugs 9 years ago
  kjmtsh f0a5b97f3c bug fixes 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 71a1df03db Fixed some bugs and added more features. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 22a658ac3a Fixed some bugs and revised the documentations 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 8c2258e7ee remove the misleading description from readme.txt 9 years ago
  kjmtsh f41368010a WordPress3.8 compatible. Add some new features. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 3f06610a5a Changed the version number. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 0f7f96848d Fixed some minor bugs and tested WordPress 3.7.1 installation. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh a5897b4369 Changed stable tag. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 295ea862d2 Changed _rewrite_between() function. Added some plugins to the plugin compatiblity list. Fixed the server check message. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh cfc1d0b2ef Removed the rewriting code of the BETWEEN function. Changed some documentation. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh d7f68d81a6 Changed Japanese catalog and fixed some bugs. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh c906f23f46 Added a new user defined function version() and a utility for displaying column information. Fixed for the plugin that uses SHOW VARIABLES query. Added the message for other server than Apache. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh faff964bcd Fixed styles to match MP6 plugin and text_domain to display Japanese catalog file. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh a6345fd8b3 Added the database maintenance utility. Fixed and Changed the procedure for ALTER TABLE and SHOW INDEX query. Fixed some bugs. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh a246ffa700 Fixed the bug of ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN query. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 72bc68b45b Fixed the manipulation of SHOW INDEX query. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 3ea3b0974d Changed the stable version to 1.3. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh bae9e47e0e Added a backup utility and updated the language catalog. Fixed the minor bugs. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 953f18e719 Fix the database optimization bug. Add a new screenshot. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh be737aa08e Added NewsStatPress to compatible plugin list. BETWEEN statement is newly supported. Changed the style of Admin dashboard to match MP6 styles. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 6401a9b0ec changed the handling of the error messages. Fixed the manipulation of ALTER TABLE CHANGE COLUMN query. Added the support for BETWEEN function. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh ce9c138473 added some plugin information to the compatiblity list 9 years ago
  kjmtsh aa897ce408 change the method of rewriting ALTER query to support ADD INDEX without index name, and the method of removing index hinting to support IGNORE and FORCE 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 4147af7334 changed the regular expression in _handle_show_query() to manipulate FROM or IN db_name 9 years ago
  kjmtsh d48bb8ab28 changes of PDODB class to make it comapatible with WordPress 3.6 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 8b14aafcd2 fixed typo in plugin_lists.json 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 6e31b4e3ca update the plugin version to 1.2 and WordPress version 3.6 9 years ago
  kjmtsh b1398156dc fixed the date format and quote style in query.class.php 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 0124a71687 updated compatible plugin list 9 years ago
  kjmtsh 6b66c23718 fixed the patch utility for Windows and the manipulation of 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' query. 9 years ago
  kjmtsh d8314baf48 bug fix: _execute_duplicate_key_update() in query.class.php 9 years ago
  kjmtsh e17d3a382a change the version number 9 years ago